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Mississippi Law Research Institute
The University of Mississippi

Research Groups


State Capitol
The Legislative group provides research to the Legislature on lengthy projects such as tort reform and workers’ compensation law reform, as well as quick searches of the laws of all the states and the federal government.
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Local Government

City hall
The Local Government group provides comprehensive law research on matters affecting local governments.
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Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement group develops and maintains handbooks and training material for use by Mississippi law enforcement personnel, prosecutors and court personnel.
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Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property group provides legal research and expertise to the Mississippi Universities in the areas of patent, copyright, trade secret and trademark protection.
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Ocean, Coastal, Natural Resources and Environmental

The National Sea Grant Law Center was founded in 2002 to provide legal research to the Sea Grant community and its constituents.
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The Mississippi-Alabama Legal Program is the legal arm of the Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant Consortium, which consists of three universities in Mississippi and four Alabama universities. Program attorneys provide timely legal research and advice on issues of the Gulf of Mexico.
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