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Mississippi Law Research Institute
The University of Mississippi

About Us

Law CenterMLRI was established by the University Board of Trustees at the University of Mississippi Law School in 1972 on the recommendations of Dean Parham H. Williams, Jr. and Chancellor Porter L. Fortune, Jr. The Mississippi Legislature began funding the Institute by special appropriations in 1979 and established it by statute in 1983 (Sec. 57-55-5, Miss. Code).

The research projects conducted by MLRI are divided into three areas: governmental law research and reform, intellectual property research and coastal, marine and natural resources law research. These projects are fielded by MLRI’s eight attorneys. Expertise of law school faculty members is available if needed.

MLRI also houses Sea Grant law research programs and its three attorneys, who focus on research and outreach relating to coastal, marine and natural resources issues. In addition to general research in these areas, Sea Grant publishes numerous online and print periodicals.